Turn: Washington's Spies -
The Complete Third Season
Turn Season 3 DVD front cover
Release date(s): November 8, 2016
Discs: 3
Studio: AMC
Region: 1

Behind enemy lines on Long Island, Abe Woodhull is a spy for the Patriots, reporting directly to George Washington. Embedded within the Continental Army, Arnold is seduced to become an informant for the British. As the consequences of their espionage ripple through the battlefield, the spy game becomes a heart-stopping race to see which mole will be unmasked first. In 1778, there is only one fate that awaits a captured spy -- the hangman's noose. The price for treason is blood, and not all of our heroes will survive.


"Cold Murdering Bastards"
"Hearts and Minds"
"Hypocrisy, Fraud, and Tyranny"
"Many Mickles Make a Muckle"
"Blade on the Feather"
"Trial and Execution"
Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Episode 301: Valediction
  • Episode 302: Cold Murdering Bastards
  • Episode 304: Hearts and Minds
  • Episode 306: Many Mickles Make a Muckle
  • Episode 307: Judgment
  • Episode 308: Mended
  • Episode 309: Blade on the Feather
  • Episode 310: Trial and Execution
Turn: Washington's Spies Season 3 (2016)

301. "Valediction"
302. "Cold Murdering Bastards"
303. "Benediction"
304. "Hearts and Minds"
305. "Hypocrisy, Fraud, and Tyranny"

306. "Many Mickles Make a Muckle"
307. "Judgment"
308. "Mended"
309. "Blade on the Feather"
310. "Trial and Execution"

See also: S1S2S3S4

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