Event chronologyEdit


  • February 22nd


  • October 30th
    • John Adams was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, British America.


  • April 13th



  • June 6th
    • Nathan Hale was born in Coventry, Connecticut Colony, British America.
  • July 9th
    • Battle of the Monongahela. General Edward Braddock and Colonel George Washington were leading British troops near Monongahela River when they were attacked by French and Indian forces. General Braddock was killed during the battle, while Colonel Washington led the British troops.
  • Robert Rogers led the Queen's Rangers on a mission against the French and Indian forces to capture a prisoner of war. During the mission, Rogers was called Wobomagonda ("White Devil") by an Indian soldier. Though they didn't capture a prisoner, they did recover intelligence.
  • Colonel Washington and his men buried General Braddock. Later, Washington reported to his superior officer, who informed him that he was now called the Hero of Monongahela by many. He was then told to ship all of General Braddock's belongings to General Johnson, including a blade that General Braddock given him during the attack.
  • Rogers later met with the same superior officer, who informed Rogers that he will recommend to General Amhearst that he be promoted to major, but Rogers cared little for a promotion. During the conversation, the officer examined General Braddock's blade, as he mentioned his displeasure with Colonel Washington, who Rogers said should be revered, not reviled. Rogers was then ordered to take the Queen's Rangers and continue raiding French encampments in the north, to get behind enemy lines and do whatever it takes to end the war. Rogers agreed as the officer left, with Braddock's blade remaining on his desk. Rogers took the blade.


  • Thomas Woodhull was killed at King's College while attempting to put down a riot that was caused after his brother, Abraham, placed a Phrygian cap on the Liberty Pole.



  • September 16th
  • General Charles Lee provided John André with the details needed to ambush a unit of Connecticut Dragoons, including Benjamin Tallmadge.
  • Ambush of Continental Army Connecticut Dragoons. With General Lee's information, Robert Rogers and his Queen's Rangers ambushed Benjamin Tallmadge and his unit of Connecticut Dragoons, killing them all, but Tallmadge. Tallmadge managed to evade capture after killing one of Roberts' men and taking his uniform as a disguise, but in the process, he was discovered by Rogers and shot in the right arm.
  • Benjamin Tallmadge met with General Charles Scott and informed him of the ambush, concluding that there must be a spy in their midst. Tallmadge requested that he be allowed to recruit his own spy, but was turned down by Scott.
  • Captain Charles Joyce was killed by John Robeson.
  • Abraham Woodhull was taken captive by the Continental Army and put into a cell, where Benjamin Tallmadge interviewed him to join a new spy ring and assist the Army in providing information from New York.
  • Ambush at Continental Army Connecticut safe house. Abraham Woodhull provided information to Caleb Brewster about a planned British attack on their safe house in Connecticut that led to the Continental Army ambushing the British instead. The battle was a victory for the Continental Army.
  • Captain Samuel Tallmadge died of dysentery on the HMS Jersey, a British prison ship.
  • December 25th
    • George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River. As General Washington led his men, including Ben and Caleb, across the Delaware River, Ben and Caleb's boat tipped and the mounted swivel gun nearly fell from the boat. Ben jumped overboard to save the gun, but was stunned by the icy water.
  • December 26th
    • Battle of Trenton. General Washington led the Continental Army to victory against Hessian soldiers garrisoned at Trenton, New Jersey. After a brief battle, nearly the entire Hessian force was captured, with negligible losses to the Americans. The battle significantly boosted the Continental Army's flagging morale, and inspired reenlistments.


  • January 2nd
    • After Ben awoke from his fall into the icy Delaware River, Caleb informed him that General Washington and his men had marched on Trenton.
  • January 3rd
  • August 22nd
    • Battle of Setauket. Major Benjamin Tallmadge led Continental forces against the British to retrieve his father Nathaniel Tallmadge and Lucas Brewster, Lieutenant Caleb Brewster's uncle.
      • Lucas Brewster was killed by Captain John Graves Simcoe, who was shortly after placed under arrest by Major Edmund Hewlett.
      • Nathaniel Tallmadge and other civilians were rescued and left with the Continental Army.
  • September 19th
  • October 7th
    • Battle of Bemis Heights. Patriot victory: Second of the two Battles of Saratoga.
      • General Benedict Arnold was wounded in the leg.
      • British under Burgoyne driven back and forced to surrender 10 days later.
  • Jim Ryder was killed by Robert Rogers.
  • Nathaniel Sackett was killed by Lieutenant Gamble.


  • At Valley Forge, General Washington informed his major generals of the plan to retake New York. When General Lee reacted skeptically, Washington guaranteed that there were, at most, 3,500 British soldiers stationed in the city — intel he knew thanks to one of Abe’s intelligence reports.
  • Attempted rescue of Abraham Woodhull. Caleb Brewster attempted to rescue Abraham Woodhull from a sugar house prison, but Woodhull refused to be rescued and decided to stay.
  • June 28th
  • Colonel William Bradford and Sergeant Thomas Hickey were executed.
  • After it is revealed that he had been helping the British, Reverend Worthington was killed by Benjamin Tallmadge.
  • Benjamin Tallmadge was found and captured by Lieutenant Gamble, while attempting to move the body of Worthington into river. Ben soon escaped from Gamble on a horse, but was shot in the process.
  • Lieutenant Gamble was wounded by Benjamin Tallmadge and killed by Caleb Brewster.


  • October 2nd
    • John André is executed by hanging.
  • Massacre at Lyme.
    • Judge Richard Woodhull was shot and killed by a Queen's Ranger.
    • Amos Parker was shot and killed by a Queen's Ranger.
    • Walter Havens was shot and killed by a Queen's Ranger.
    • Pitt was shot and killed by a Queen's Ranger.
    • Spelling was impaled and killed by a Queen's Ranger.
    • Coffer was impaled and killed by Akinbode.
    • Two other Continental soldiers were killed.
    • Seven other Queen's Rangers were killed.

Media chronologyEdit


Before 1775


  • Turn Origins logo 2 Turn: Origins (Flashback only)










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