Selah Strong
Selah Strong
Basic Information
Status: Alive
Nationality: United States of America flag 13 stars American
Residence(s): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
United States of America
Setauket, New York,
United States of America
Affiliation: Continental Army
Battles/wars: American Revolutionary War
 • Battle of Setauket
Family Information
Marital status: Married
Spouse(s): Wife:
Anna Strong
Played by: Robert Beitzel
Seasons: 1
First appearance: "Turn: Origins"
Last appearance: "The Battle of Setauket"
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season, 5 episodes, 1 comic

Selah Strong is a Patriot and the husband of Anna Strong.


Early lifeEdit

Selah grew up with Benjamin and Samuel Tallmadge, becoming friends with the brothers.

After Abraham Woodhull broke off his engagement to a woman named Anna, Selah went on to eventually marry her.

We know that Abraham has an unpaid debt to Selah from a previous harvest season.

The Strong Tavern, as we know, was built by his own two hands sometime before the events of the first season.

Season 1 Edit

After a joyful reading of an account from The Royal Gazette by the Tory oyster farmer, John Robeson, Selah found himself in a brief struggle with the other, resulting in beer being spilled upon Captain Joyce, and for the Captain to cut his hand, Joyce, whom immediately tackled Selah to the ground, blamed Strong for the incident.

That very night, Abe is released from custody, while Selah is brought to the stockade. Later, we see Abraham come to visit, advising the Tavernkeeper to bribe his way off of the prison ship Jersey, Selah saying that Abraham's debt could be repaid in full, if he looked after Anna for him. Though Abe insists he'll pay in cash.

The next time we see Mr. Strong, it is upon the Jersey, where he is the next best thing after it is found out by Robert Rogers that Samuel had died of dysentery. A broken Selah is lured by Rogers with food and the promise to go home once more.

During the POW exchange, Caleb is surprised to see Selah instead of Samuel, urging Selah to tell Caleb that Samuel is dead, and that he was pulled off of the prison ship by Rogers. Such words setting off alarm bells within Caleb's head, who throws Selah to the side, just narrowly missing Rogers bullet.

After being refused passage back to camp under the grounds of being an unknown prisoner, Caleb and Selah set off by themselves.

Soon later, Caleb and Selah get pinned in place as Rogers fires upon them. Where Caleb says that in Selah's condition, it's three against one. Selah's response being to ask for a gun.

After the skirmish, Ben requests that Selah tell him about Samuel, to which Selah is originally hesitant, until being prodded by Caleb. Speaking of how Samuel kept hope in the place that Selah described as a living hell, showing how seemingly close the two had gotten during their stay on the Jersey.

In the woods, Selah lies to Blake, saying that he was Samuel Tallmadge to avoid further issues.

Selah is next seen marching north among Ben and Caleb's troops. Where Caleb muses that Selah wouldn't have such a chipper attitude if he knew that Anna thought him dead.

During The Battle of Setauket, it is said that Selah's whaleboat had been waylaid during crossing, arriving late, and being almost immediately thrown into battle, after their forces are spotted by William Blaine and his son. Announcing his arrival within the town by shooting the the tavern's sign, which had been repainted by DeJong. Among whispers, he approached a stunned Anna, and kissed her.

Later on, after taking offense to the words DeJong spoke, Selah said that Anna had no right to sell his tavern, and that he was going to dispute the attainder with Richard, and get his tavern back.

After securing the powder, Selah is seen back at the tavern threatening to cut out Robeson's tongue, to which Ben called him back; ordering Selah to take his men and attack at Hewletts flank.

His men fire at the garrison, forcing the British forces to retreat within the church and barricade the windows with the hostages under Simcoe's command, forcing Selah to send back his fastest man to inform Ben of the news.

After the truce was formed, and the rebels fell back; Selah helped Anna board one of the whaleboats, pushing off as Redcoats flood the shoreline, watching them push off. Only a few moments later, Anna was apologizing to Selah, telling him that the cause needed her there, before jumping overboard, Selah originally lurching after her, though he stayed upon the boat.

He watched from the boat as she swam to shore and fell into Abraham's embrace, giving us our last look at the former tavernkeeper.

Characters metEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Selah Strong was portrayed by Robert Beitzel in Season 1 of Turn: Washington's Spies.



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