Sarah Livingston
Sarah Livingston
Basic Information
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1778
Place of death: Middlebrook, New Jersey
Cause of death: Shot in the chest by Randall.
Nationality: United States of America flag 13 stars American
Residence(s): Farmhouse
Family Information
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse(s): William Livingston (d. 1777)
Significant other(s): Ex-lover:
Benjamin Tallmadge
Children: None
Played by: Elizabeth Blackmore
Seasons: 3
First appearance: "Hearts and Minds"
Last appearance: "Judgment"
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season, 2 episodes

Sarah Livingston (died 1778) was a Tory who saved Benjamin Tallmadge after he was wounded by Lieutenant Gamble in 1778.


Sarah Livingston lives in Franklin Township in New Jersey. She and her husband, William, had a farm and sold their crops to people in town. William is killed by Rebels when he refuses to sell their crops at a loss. Sarah lives by herself for a year, until she takes in a wounded man Benjamin Tallmadge.


Sarah takes up her cause with other Tory partisans, and attacks a patrol of Patriots. She leads the men back to her home to fight them off, but they are outnumbered and taken into Rebel Camp as prisoners of war. There, she is reunited with Benjamin Tallmadge who attempts to help her. However, all his solutions revolve around her either being threatened by these men, or her signing a paper saying she is a spy for the Rebels. Sarah never denies that she helped plan this ambush, and refuses to sign a paper that might be discovered after the war. She'd rather die for her own beliefs than someone else's. That night, another Continental Officer, Randall, attempts to rape Sarah. She fights him off as long as she can: shoving, slapping, and scratching his eyes. She grabs his pistol, and the two end up in a struggle, ending in a gunshot. When Ben hears it, he comes to the barn where she has been held only to discover her dead.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Sarah Livingston was portrayed by Elizabeth Blackmore in Season 3 of Turn: Washington's Spies.