Samuel Tallmadge
Basic Information
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1776
Place of death: HMS Jersey
Cause of death: Dysentery
Nationality: United States of America flag 13 stars American
Affiliation: Continental Army
Rank: Continental Army:
Battles/wars: American Revolutionary War
Family Information
Father: Nathaniel Tallmadge
Sibling(s): Brother:
Benjamin Tallmadge
Seasons: 1, 2
First mentioned: "Epiphany"
Last mentioned: "False Flag"

Captain Samuel Tallmadge (died 1776) was an officer in the Continental Army. Samuel was also the brother of Major Benjamin Tallmadge. He died of dysentery just before Christmas in 1776, on the HMS Jersey, a British prison ship, with Ben finding out later, shortly after Robert Rogers had attempted to find Samuel to get to Ben.


Early lifeEdit

Samuel Tallmadge was born to Nathaniel Tallmadge. He grew up with his brother Ben and mutual friends Caleb Brewster and Selah Strong.

Continental Army serviceEdit

Samuel eventually enlisted in the Continental Army and by the autumn of 1776, he had achieved the rank of Captain.

He eventually became a prisoner of war and ended up on the HMS Jersey, a British prison ship. There, he would encounter Selah Strong and become close with him. Though many of the prisoners cursed God for their ill living on the Jersey, Samuel didn't and continued to pray every night, also convincing Selah to pray and to fight to survive, as well.


Samuel died of dysentery just before Christmas in 1776, on the Jersey. His body was carried above deck by Selah, who prayed that his soul reach Heaven, before putting his body into the sea.


"War makes brothers of us all. It's the boy's right to avenge his brother... and it's my right to avenge mine."
Rogers to Akinbode about Ben.[src]

Ben would find out the details later by Selah, shortly after Robert Rogers had attempted to find Samuel to get to Ben, using Selah to do so, claiming him to be Samuel to set a trap for Ben. The trap failed, however, as Caleb Brewster had arrived to retrieve Samuel instead of Ben. Rogers, Akinbode and Awasos would face Ben, Selah and Caleb, with the fight eventually ending with Awasos being wounded, but without any deaths.

At the end of the encounter, British forces arrived, with Ben, Selah and Caleb managing to evade problems due to Selah claiming to be Samuel. Rogers threatened Ben that there would be nowhere to hide in North America, with Ben replying that he won't be hiding.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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