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Richard Woodhull

Richard Woodhull in-universe 2

Richard Woodhull in-universe

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Basic Information
Status: Alive
Residence(s): Setauket, New York,
United States of America
Family Information
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Rebecca Woodhull (d. 1757)
Children: Sons:
Thomas Woodhull (d. 1773)
Abraham Woodhull
Other family: Daughter-in-law:
Mary Woodhull
Thomas "Sprout" Woodhull
Played by: Kevin McNally
Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4
First appearance: Turn: Origins
Appears in: 1 series, 4 seasons, 26 episodes, 1 comic

Richard Woodhull is the father of Culper Ring spy and farmer Abraham Woodhull.


Early lifeEdit

Richard married a woman named Rebecca and with her, he had two sons, Thomas and Abraham.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Richard Woodhull was portrayed by Kevin McNally in Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Turn: Washington's Spies.



Season 1Edit

"The local magistrate of Setauket, Richard is Abe’s father and protector and the moral center of their town. A long-time widower who lost his oldest son in the war, he is devoted to the only son he has left. Richard appears to be a die-hard Tory Loyalist, but in truth he believes it impossible for the rebellion to succeed against the might of the British Army. Like any good judge, he’s weighed the facts and wants to be on the right side when the war is over."
Official description

Season 2Edit

"As the local magistrate of Setauket, Abe’s father, Richard, is the protector and moral center of their town. Richard appears to be a die-hard Tory loyalist, but in truth he’s just weighed the facts like any good judge, wanting to be on the right side when the war is over. He believes there is no way for the rebellion to succeed against the might of the British army, but as the corruption of the occupying army begins to weigh on his town, Richard discovers that the path of loyalty is not an easy one to follow. At the end of season one, the rising tension hit him personally in the form of an assassin’s bullet – a plot by Simcoe to frame Ben Tallmadge’s father for conspiracy. Even though he was wounded and weak, Richard tried to see through the lies, and his own rivalry with Ben, to discover the truth behind the attempt on his life. The answer may change his beliefs about the war."
Official description

Season 3Edit

"Richard is the Tory magistrate of Setauket. He remains steadfastly loyal to the King, despite knowing that his son Abe is a Patriot spy. A cunning strategist, Richard uses his influence to check Abe's spying, only for his resourceful son to find ways around him. At the beginning of the third season, Richard learns that Abe is behind the death of Hewlett's courier, that his son has murdered for the rebels again. Having reached his breaking point, Richard must finally choose between his family and his country, and decide which loyalty to betray."
Official description

Season 4Edit

"Richard is the Tory magistrate of Setauket. In the first two seasons, he remained steadfastly loyal to the Crown despite learning his son Abe was a Patriot spy. Richard used his influence to check Abe's spying, only for his resourceful son to find ways around him. Richard reached his breaking point with Abe in Season 3, blackmailing Mary into allowing him to raise young Thomas himself. But after Simcoe's rampage against alleged subversives in Setauket, he outwitted the captain by going over his head, rescuing Abe from imminent death. On better terms with his son in Season 4, Richard actively assists Abe in his schemes, teaching his son how to avoid bloodshed."
Official description

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