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  • June 17

    Any expectations?

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  • I just checked my last correspondence, its been that long.

    I did not see the date for the season premiere.

    PS: What do wiki admins do when a show has ended

    PPS: just saw an episode I missed on fox, lethal weapon, heist in casino. 

    PPPS: What do you think about the rollout of new ui for wikia

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    • Season 4 still doesn't have a specific premiere date, as far as I know.

      I guess when a series is over, for me, I'll still edit a Wiki to improve it.

      I haven't noticed too much of a difference in Wikis, yet, so I don't mind the update, I suppose.

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  • It took place in 1893 (Chicago's World's Fair). It featured the hotel of HH Holmes, the "Murder Castle" because of the hidden rooms and secret passageways he used to kill his victims. This was the first publicized case of serial killing, so much so that they called him a Multi-murderer.

    Other interesting observations and concerns:

    • In the Nat Geo documentary "Years of Living Dangerously", they said that the pentagon can not fully implement green tech, because of Republican legislative concerns of increased climate change bureaucracy. Most of the electricity concerns revolve around lighting, but in the Mid-East it is air conditioning
    • Fascinated by the on-the-fly calculation of Billy Bob Swagger in Shooter. The killing was gruesome, but I like the math involved like the factoring of gravity, windage, and so on.
    • Do you like the link I sent you last time about unusal places in the world? If not, I will not sent it to you anymore?
    • What about  espionage? Since you watch Turn I thought you showed interest in the subject mattter?  (especially in the Cold War genre)?
    • What about British Dramas? Is it too much of a leap to assume that you would like the current PBS series about Victoria? I digress, Mercy Street (emanciapation and the civil war)?
    • I recently had a problem with the icemaker in the fridge, so I "you-tubed" the matter and it told me to hit the reset or defroster switch inside the freezer, even that was frozen. I left the door open for a half-hour, and water started to come out and it worked after that, and some ice started to pop out. Whether it works completely remains to be seen. I like to get my hands dirty if need be, and not wait for a tech to  come on-site if it can be helped.
    • Afterthough - An article in the Guardian on the Leadenhall Bldg, otherwise known as the Cheesegrater:
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    • I didn't click the link. I usually get busy when I'm editing Wikis and I tend to try to concentrate on the editing. You seem to be interested in a lot of different topics and different films and TV series.

      I don't get to watch many films or TV series and I like Turn: Washington's Spies for the historical aspect of it, not so much as a spy show, but I do enjoy others like it such as the Jack Ryan films and the Mission: Impossible films.

      However, I enjoy films and TV series set in the time period of Turn: Washington's Spies a lot, like The Crossing, George Washington, George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation, John Adams, The Patriot and Sons of Liberty, to name some.

      I also watch films more like Lincoln, The Monuments Men, Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff. Aside from historical films and TV series, I like films and TV series like the Star Trek franchise, and the Star Wars franchise. I know that I've listed a lot of these before, but it's an example of what kind of films and TV series that I like.

      I also like Westerns, like 3:10 to Yuma, Appaloosa, Maverick, Tombstone, as well as Westerns that take place more in modern day like City Slickers and City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold.

      Obviously, I mostly enjoy the historical genre, but unfortunately not a lot of films and TV series are made in the historical genre.

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  • They said California is going to be a desert.

    California produces almonds grapes pistaschios  citrus avacado corn and if california goes, so goes 50% of the  nation's food supply

    Niger is the gateway for "climate refugees" in transit to Europe via Egypt and Libys.

    If they are stuck in Libya, they are beaten and imprisoned by the police.

    Otherwise they become radicalized and join ISIS or Boko Haram

    PS: Watch Incorporated, it is an harbinger for things to come.

    It was so poignant that they had a screening at the UN

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  • Did they advertise when the last season would began.

    I did not see anything on the cable channel yet

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    • By the way, I was watch Years of Living Dangerously on National Geographic.

      It sounds really messes up-- climate change.

      They say Miami is going to sink into the ocean.

      PS: Watch incorporated on Syfy, good show.

      It talks of world messed up by the large corporations, all for the sake of the mighty dollar.

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  • They put there own spin on Benedict Arnold's betrayal

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    • I didn't see it.

      Have you heard anything on Season 4 of Turn: Washington's Spies? I don't think that they've started filming, yet, but I'm assuming that it'll premiere in April of 2017.

      Also, have you been watching Lethal Weapon, still? The latest episode was intense, but they still keep humor in the show to not make it too intense.

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    • turn -no

      lethal weapon - i figure I will binge watch after wed.

      Timeless- interesting take on the day when arnold left west point. Washington was not as  calm as when Turn did their version, when he asked peggy shipton if she knew about it.

      Also, the protagonists pretend to be part of the -- wait for it -- "The Culper Spy Ring"

      PS: If anything at all, I like Designated Survivor, esp with its geo-political implications. In fact, the  guy who played Abe's father, was in the first couple episodes.

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    • Well, Lethal Weapon is getting interesting.

      I wonder if Turn: Washington's Spies is showing other shows how interesting its history is.

      There are also two films about George Washington being made. The Virginian and The General.

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  • Hello there, just a newcomer of this wikia. How do you do?

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  • I had a free moment and I was wondering what was going on with you.

    How was turkey day, and how do feel about the  President being a pawn of Russian Intelligence.

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  • It seems like it premiered last month, it is called "American Umpire" , and it seems like it was underwritten by the Hoover Institute and possibly The Cato Institute

    This is the link:

    The video is  the third choice

    I believe the title is an allusion to the United States role as world policeman.

    I also saw another intriguing show called Deustchland 83, it is about the cold war from the East German's Stasi point of view

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  • If anything at all, you remined me of Mr Spock, cool thinker who spoke in direct sentences.

    Amazingly enough, Gene Roddenbery, was a Patrol Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department, and he modeled the character on the Police Chief Parker.

    Anyway I was in the neighborhood and I wanted an update on new developments.

    PS: Are you going to voting today

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    • I was talking about your new profile photo

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    • Oh. I just like the image. :)

      After the series finale, I hope that every season comes to Blu-ray separately and in a series box set. :)

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