This is a list of military actions in the American Revolutionary War. Actions marked with an asterisk involved no casualties.

Battles (in chronological order)Edit

Battle Date Colony/State Outcome
Battles of Lexington and Concord April 19, 1775 Massachusetts Patriot victory: British forces raiding Concord driven back into Boston with heavy losses.
Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775 Massachusetts British victory: British drive Patriot army from the Charleston peninsula near Boston but suffer heavy losses.
Battle of Harlem Heights September 16, 1776 New York Patriot victory: Patriots repulse British attack on Manhattan
Ambush of Continental Army Connecticut Dragoons Autumn 1776 New Jersey British victory
Ambush at Continental Army Connecticut safe house Autumn 1776 Connecticut Patriot victory
Battle of Trenton December 26, 1776 New Jersey Patriot victory: Patriots capture Hessian detachment at Trenton.
Battle of Princeton January 3, 1777 New Jersey Patriot victory: Patriots defeat a small British force, the British decide to evacuate New Jersey.
Battle of Setauket August 22, 1777 New York
Battle of Brandywine September 11, 1777 Pennsylvania British victory
Battle of Freeman's Farm September 19, 1777 New York British tactical victory: First of the two Battles of Saratoga.
Battle of Bemis Heights October 7, 1777 New York Patriot victory: Second of the two Battles of Saratoga, British under Burgoyne driven back and forced to surrender 10 days later.
Battle of Monmouth June 28, 1778 New Jersey Draw: British break off engagement and continue retreat to New York.
Massacre at Lyme 1780 Connecticut
Battle of Blandford April 25, 1781 Virginia
Siege of Yorktown September 28-October 19, 1781 Virginia Patriot-Franco victory: Cornwallis surrenders his force of over 7,000

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