Edward Braddock
Edward Braddock in-universe cropped
Basic Information
Status: Deceased
Date of birth: 1695
Date of death: 1755
Cause of death: Shot through the back by French soldier.
Nationality: Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) British
Affiliation: British Army
Profession: British Army:
Rank: British Army:
Battles/wars: French and Indian War
 • Braddock Expedition
 • Battle of the Monongahela
Family Information
Seasons: 2
First appearance: "Rivals"
Last appearance: "Rivals"
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season, 1 comic

General Edward Braddock (died 1755) was a British officer and commander-in-chief for the 13 colonies during the actions at the start of the French and Indian War (1754–1765) which is also known in Europe as the Seven Years' War (1756–1763). He is generally best remembered for his command of a disastrous expedition against the French-occupied Ohio Country then in western Virginia or Pennsylvania (depending on which Royal grants) in 1755, in which he lost his life.


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George WashingtonEdit

"General Braddock was a man of fine qualities."
George Washington speaking of Edward Braddock.[src]
George Washington being spoken to by Edward Braddock

Colonel Washington being spoken to by General Braddock on July 9, 1755.

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