Basic Information
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1777
Place of death: Setauket, New York,
United States of America
Cause of death: Shot in the chest by Abraham Woodhull.
Nationality: Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) British
Residence(s): Setauket, New York,
United States of America
Affiliation: British Army
Profession: British Army:
Rank: British Army:
Battles/wars: American Revolutionary War
 • Battle of Setauket
Family Information
Played by: Thomas Keegan
Seasons: 1
First appearance: "Pilot"
Last appearance: "The Battle of Setauket"
Appears in: 1 series, 1 season, 8 episodes

Ensign Baker (died 1777) was a British Army soldier. He was shot and killed by Abraham Woodhull, after discovering that Abe was a spy for the Continental Army.


British Army serviceEdit


Baker body

Baker lies dead after his death at Abe's hands.

After discovering that Abe was a spy for the Continental Army, Baker refused to let him leave and readied his rifle, but Abe shot and killed him. Mary quickly came up with a plan to make it appear that Baker died under other circumstances. She burned the house as Abe and Thomas went outside, where she soon joined them, to watch their house burn down, with Baker's body inside.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Baker was portrayed by Thomas Keegan in Season 1 of Turn: Washington's Spies.


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